Pastor/Evangelist Patricia Townsend is God's woman; A woman after the heart of God. Pastor Townsend received the gift of evangelism at the early age twelve.

 Her life's journey has not been one of simplicity, but through it all she has learned to trust in Jesus and has learned to trust in God. She has a heart and special love for God, His work, and his people; she continues to work the work that God has assigned to her. 

April 28th, 2013 she was ordained as Pastor of the Life Restoration Outreach Ministry Church. She began serving as Pastor

May 5, 2013. This ministry is founded on the Word of God; and it's focus is to reach out to a people that has been boken both spiritually and naturally, to those who have been held captive by the power of sin, and spiritual discouragement and as a result be restored back to their place in God through

Christ. Pastor Townsend is currently pursuing a degree in social work at Eastfield College, in Dallas Tx, with the hope upon graduation of reaching out to those that have struggled with addictions or struggling with addictions. Executing her ministry goals in this area wil be based on biblical principles that will help individuals redirect their paths to experience emotional maturity and the freedom from addictive behavior. God has placed an annointing upon Pastor Townsend to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to bind up the broken hearted and to set the captive free. Pastor Townsend has completely given her life and will over to the care of God and her greatest desire is to live her life in a way that is pleaseing to God.



Is a ministry founded on the word of God; bringing restoration to the lives of many. We focus on looking to God for help, practicing biblical principles, and making a difference in our lives and the lives of others. We believe following biblical principles  will give us strength and freedom to live healthy and productive lives both naturally and spiritually.


Our Vision


To see individuals experience life changes as they unlock their perceptions and responses that have derived from past experiences, and move forward in life to live with purpose.


Our Mission


To reach out to a people that have been broken both naturally and spiritually, those who have been held captive by the power of sin and spiritual discouragement. As a result be restored back to their place in God through Christ

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