In the year Two-Thousand Eleven, Pastor Townsend founded the Life Restoration Outreach Ministry as a result of her own personal tesimony.  God placed a deep love and concern in her heart for people that are poor in spirit, who's hearts have been broken, for those that are held captive by the power of sin and the effects it has had on their lives, to bring sight to the spiritually blind, to bring freedom to those that have been bruised. Thus the ministry was born, May 5, 2013 and has grown and is growing as we endeavor to do the will of God. We are a small ministry with a big vision and have great expectations in God. We will continue to follow the course that has been set before us in Jesus name. As we continue our faith journey in God through Jesus Christ we will prove what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2)

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Life Restoration Outreach Ministry

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